Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is a key value at our environment, and makes us feel better about ourselves.

We at MindField take fulfilling our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a growing concern and it is embedded throughout our organization.

We are committed in spreading good will and good deeds all over the world. Based on those beliefs we work hard to give back to the community by donating work to organizations that share our values and help in improving our society. Donations can range from providing free maintenance and hosting to such organizations to developing websites, applications, and IT systems to help them improve their services, thus improving our society.

We have established a CSR Program that handles such activities and studies profiles of organizations and provide donations of work based on a well prepared and studied timeline.

We have proudly worked with the organizations below:
INJAZ   Lazio Land   Oasis of Charity  
Nahnoo   dikaonia   React  
Nahnoo   Nahnoo   Nahnoo  
Nahnoo   Nahnoo      

In case you are an organization that is interested in benefiting from our program, please send us an email to