Company Overview

98 % Client Retention rate and 100% Annual Growth makes us different...

Mindfield Digital is an information technology firm that specializes in the design and implementation of customized business automation as well as custom digital applications.

Our mission is to be a leader of automation and digital solutions in the MENA region, and with a 100% annual growth we are right on track.

Our automation solutions help organizations streamline their operations by turning several complex tasks into a few simple operations, eliminating manual and repetitive information handling. 

Our digital solutions provide customers with unprecedented capabilities of connecting with their clients online helping them increase their sales and maximize their revenues.

Mindfield provides the ultimate level of business and technical solutions based on the latest Microsoft technologies and design patterns.

We are young, dynamic, and our team is vibrant and creative.

We firmly believe in client satisfaction. We realize that clients are our most important asset; and that a satisfied client is another sales power force added to our team. We demonstrate this by the fact that most of our clients have come by way of referrals and our 98 % client retention rate is another way to show case our commitment.