Going Green

Because we owe it to the world...

MindField Going GreenAs a company, our progress will be measured in the small steps we take every day to better ourselves. The war against global warming is tough, but we at MindField Solutions believe that we all should try our best to help, even with the smallest steps.

We strive to make our working environment as green as possible by:

  • Using Laptops everywhere instead of desktops as laptops consume 85 % less energy.
  • Using Remote Desktop instead of monitors and other peripherals on servers to save energy.
  • Using Virtual Machines to conduct software testing to save energy consumption of additional hardware resources.
  • Using energy-saving light bulbs instead of the regular energy consuming bulbs.
  • Making sure that all lights, laptops, electric equipments are turned off or set to standyby/power saving mode at the end of the day.
  • Forcing a quota on printing machines to minimize printing and paper usage.
  • Using Automated Systems for Accounting, Human Resources, Reporting and taking the paper-less approach by making all reports, documents, and data e-accessible to avoid the need for paper based reports.
  • Using software sticky notes to organize tasks, notes, and to-do-lists instead of paper notebooks.
  • Replacing plastic cups and dishes with mugs and plates to ensure less carbon usage.
  • Recycling office wastes.
  • Buying from Environmentally responsible vendors.
Yes, we are taking small steps, but they are steps indeed; and by providing automated solutions in our region, we push our clients to go paperless too, as it saves them cost, and helps the world be a healthier place for future generations.