Business Intelligence & Reporting

Making profitable business decisions needs a solid knowledge of one’s own business. Information about your business is crucial for you to be able to learn about the problems hindering your growth and the solutions you need to take to overcome them. Inaccessible information is often useless to business owners and management teams.

MindField Digital through its Business Intelligence and Reporting Services allows you to easily access information  about your business, learn the patterns of your customers, the bottlenecks limiting your profit, and be able to generate intelligent charts and reports that give you the ability to visualize your data while being able to drill down to the most detailed aspects of your business.
With MindField Digital, you can limit your IT overhead while allowing decision makers to have accessibility to intelligent reporting on the fly thus minimizing cost and increasing revenues, all while working in a user friendly environment that can access data from any source you have.

MindField Digital offers you its Business Reporting Services using Synaptris' Business Reporting tool, IntelliView.