Website consulting

The turn-key aspect with regards to achieving the maximum potential of any marketing media is through consultation on its direction and ability. Many companies have been using every asset at their disposal in combined to try and elevate the awareness of their target market and visibility of their website to the best of their ability. Although they may be working harmoniously and believe they are capitalizing on their strengths, website consulting is almost always necessary. Companies usually do not have specialists in the fields of web usability, website layout and architecture, SEO, & SEO copywriting, and are therefore limited by it.

To advance a website there are multiple facets to its growth and success. The initial aspect comes through gauging the performance and ability of a website. Such a gauge is rooted in on page optimization that would allow for the website's true performance to be tested. There are three aspects to the performance assessment, beginning with a website audit. The website audit would gauge the performance of the site and is followed by a Usability report. That Usability report provides the best analysis in attempting to develop long lasting relationships with repetitive clients. Upon completion of that phase, MindField's SEO Specialists provide the client with a website assessment report which provides a more in depth analysis. This assessment would cover all aspects, including the functionality of the website’s SEO and its ability to produce tangible results. This would provide the framework to allow the upper limits of optimization to be incorporated whereby culminating in a Competitive analysis. Such an analysis would combine all the information into a cohesive action plan that when implemented would place a site ahead of its competitors, and provide a plan of action.

These three website services promote and allow companies to properly formulate the strategies needed to gain the upper hand on their competitors. MindField specializes in website performance services and seeks to upgrade their clients' website’s abilities that are otherwise hindering its growth and capability. These services culminate in website SEO consultation, that advance the feasibility study with regard to that company's on-line portal.