Competitive analysis

Every company, no matter their industry, has competitors. In SEO, your competitors are any website with a better ranking in important keywords. By studying your competitor's SEO strategy and tactics, you can formulate a strategy of your own and discover new opportunities.

The final and perhaps the underdog of any website audit is a competitive analysis. Very few companies actually request this, but it is as important as your on-page optimization. By studying your competitor's playbook, you can enhance your site ranking.

When improving SEO a website analysis would take into account the content on a site and in doing so would allow the website to upgrade its capabilities with regards to the competitors in the field. That is where the Competitor analysis comes into play, as companies look to constantly be ahead of the curve when it comes to making an impression on a potential client. Our SEO Specialists create a Website Competitor analysis, which will include the management of multiple competitors, the ability to view in the report snapshots of domain statistics, and the categorization and filtering of the competitors. In this report, our clients will be able to see who their main competitors are, identification of keywords, as well as competition's backlinks, Competitors page rank when using different search engines, and the competitors indexed pages. Also this report is helpful because it shows how your SEO competitors are building their links, whether or not they are using spam tactics to manipulate their link profile, and quickly identifies some actionable opportunities.

The main objective of optimizing SEO for your site is to increase website profit, by increasing the visibility, and popularity of a site the website profit would in turn increase. Mindfield Solutions is one of the most dedicated in providing such feedback that would enhance a website’s ability to succeed.