Content Management


Whether you are a large enterprise or a small business, having an effective web presence is crucial to your organization. Nothing could deal a fatal blow to your online image and credibility more than outdated content and information on your website.

In the new era, your website is your window to the world and you need to keep the information on your website up-to-date to stay ahead of your competitors. Our content management solution will do wonders to your business, by helping you to easily manage your website information with perfect ease. The world is rapidly changing and your website should be able to cope with that change.

By making the website publishing process more efficient our Content Management System Solutions which are based on our own product MindField Content Management System (MindField CMS) can reduce your site maintenance efforts and decrease your IT overhead by removing the need for specialized designers and HTML producers to manage your website.

You no longer have to worry about adding services, products, news, or marketing material to your website, your updated information is one click away from being shared with the whole world and by adopting our content management solutions you would be lowering your operating costs thus increasing your profits.

Key Features:

Easy Creation of Web Pages:

With MindField CMS, creating a webpage is as easy as writing a word document, including graphics has never been simpler thanks to the integration of a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor.

Accessible from anywhere:

MindField CMS is hosted online along with your website, you can access it from anywhere and this gives you the ability to edit your site content no matter where you are. All you need is a web browser and you will be able to benefit from a full featured CMS to manage your website.

Customizable Administration Panel:

MindField CMS has a customizable administration panel that allows you to easily create web pages, menus, polls, surveys, as well as news and events modules.

Searchable content:

MindField CMS is a database driven content management system that stores your content securely and allows you to search within that content easily by using its built-in search features which can be integrated within your own site allowing your users to easily search for content.

Search Engine Friendly Pages:

With MindField CMS, you can easily include keywords and titles for every page you create; this helps you get higher ranking on search engines for your website.

Secure Web Content:

With MindField CMS, your content is saved in the database and is encrypted. No one can change the content unless from within the CMS itself. This gives you an additional level of security that protects your website content from unwanted changes.

Multilingual Support:

With MindField CMS, you can create your web pages in any language you wish to allow you to reach your visitors regardless of their geographical locations.