Enterprise Dashboard Reporting

IntelliVIEW is a next generation integrated reporting, dashboards & analysis solution that comprehensively meets the information needs of business users across the enterprise. IntelliVIEW helps organizations deliver information to business users the way they need it and when they need it without adding to IT overhead. It enables better informed and faster decisions by empowering business users to control their information and easily interpret and extend or analyze data in real-time with minimal IT dependence.
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Key Benefits
  • Increases Business User productivity
    • Users create, extend or modify reports to suit their current business needs
    • Instant access to business information drives higher productivity
    • Ease of use and minimal training needs
  • Lowers IT Overhead
    • Ongoing report modification and redesign are handled by business users
    • Elimination of frequent / ad hoc report changes significantly lowers IT workload
  • Industry Leading Time to Value
    • Rapid implementation and deployment
    • Business impact visible in days
  • Cost & ROI Leadership
    • Lower deployment and infrastructure costs deliver overall cost leadership
    • Lower cost of ownership and rapid time to value deliver rapid ROI

IntelliVIEW Offerings:

Flexible & interactive Standard Reports: IntelliVIEW’s Standard Business Reports offers flexible and interactive information presentation. Business users can analyze information presented in their standard business reports in just a single click, without having to move to another application interface! IntelliVIEW enables business users make faster decisions with the power to explore the underlying data of their Standard Reports in an interactive analysis interface.

User-driven & interactive Dashboard Reports: IntelliVIEW’s Dashboard Reports allows business users to visualize their data in a way that enables them to effectively monitor business performance without adding to IT overhead, and with little or no training. Business users can rapidly create, customize and analyze their own dashboard-style reports in real-time!

On-demand & real-time Analysis Reports: IntelliVIEW’s Analysis Reports empowers business users to view, visualize, modify, extend or analyze information "on-demand" and without adding any IT overhead. IntelliVIEW enables self-serve and intuitive information analysis, empowering business users turn insights into effective decisions.