Business Process Management


MindField Workflow Product Brief

MindField Workflow is a state-of-art Business Process Management (BPM) solution that allows you to automate your organization’s business processes. It helps you convert traditional paper-based workflows into electronic forms that are intelligent and easy to use thus ensuring proper delivery, improved communication, and an increase of efficiency.

Based on Microsoft’s Windows Workflow Foundation, MindField Workflow is a low cost solution that allows for visual designing, managing, reporting, and administering a workflow and process-based applications that runs under Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

Why should you invest in MindField Workflow?

  •  Empowers your organization to participate in process-driven applications, increasing efficiency for the whole business.
  •  Builds on your existing Microsoft’s infrastructure to improve your business at a low cost
  • Automate your processes in user friendly system that focuses on your needs rather than providing an exhaustive set of features that are rarely used and increase the cost of the system exponentially.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) is guaranteed through automating your business.

What business goals does MindField Workflow help you accomplish?

  • Make better decisions
  • Reduce IT costs
  • Enforce governance
  • Increase visibility
  • Minimize risks

How is MindField Workflow different from other workflow systems?

MindField is providing its workflow solution as an open solution. This means that MindField Workflow is not a pre-packaged solution with fixed and specific features. MindField is ready to work on, enhance, and extend its workflow solution with new features based on the client’s needs and demands. This will play as a great and rapid improvement to the workflow product, and will increase the client satisfaction with the product and with MindField as a whole.

MindField Workflow Features


  • Visually design processes (View Screenshot): MindField workflow overrides the Windows Workflow Foundation built-in designer to provide an intuitive, easy to use designer that is embedded in Microsoft Visual Studio. A simple designer is also available as a standalone solution that is suitable for business users.
  • Web-based client (View Screenshot): MindField Workflow provides a simple, user friendly client that allows the organization user to initiate workflows, view their inbox, submit tasks, as well as viewing a graphical representation of the current process status. Also, the client has a reporting section that displays various reports on the current as well as completed processes.
  • Developers Kit: MindField Workflow offers the process developer tools & utilities that allow him to design forms easily from within the Visual Studio IDE. The kit provides a set of controls that makes designing a form as easy as a drawing task with minimal or no code requirement at all.
  • User & Role Management: MindField Workflow extends the ASP.NET membership & role providers to define the system users & roles repository. Internal repository ships in with the product. Active directory as well as any custom store can be used with the system. 
  • Administration Module: MindField Workflow offers an administration section that contains all administrative features and operations such as process administration, monitoring, user store configuration, as well as many other features.

Technical Features


  • Built on top of Microsoft’s .NET framework and Windows workflow Foundation, MindField Workflow seamlessly integrate human and technology resources to provide users with workflow information wherever they are and whenever they want. 
  • Provides full extensibility to cover any existing legacy applications. Activities can be developed and packaged to provide integration with any external system used by the organization.
  • Ensures, through its architecture, for scalability by deploying its components across multiple servers.
  • Ensures, though its architecture, to connect to any data repository. All SQL versions are supported by default; other database systems can be supported on demand.
  • Extracts workflow logic from your existing application logic to create a dynamic, extensible, manageable, and workflow centric applications specific to your business.
  • Automates your workflows without extensive programming and provides a set of .NET user-interface controls for developers to rapidly and easily build workflow-enabled forms.
  • Pluggable architecture that allows replacing any dependency with another dependency with no code change. Database, users, roles, infrastructure, etc… can all be replaced with no effect on the system. 

Technical Requirements

The following is a list of components required for MindField Workflow system

  • Windows Operating System (2000 or above)
  • SQL Server (2000 or above)
  • .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or above
  • Internet Information services (IIS) 6.0 or above
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 (or above), Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome